Increasingly, industries are using IoT to operate more efficiently and better understand their customers to deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making, and augment the value of the business

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Connecting Devices

Wireless integration and management of sensors, devices, gateways, gateway to cloud server (MQTT) connectivity, device sensors to IoT gateway connectivity .

Cloud Connectivity

IoT connectivity management reduces the risk for IoT solutions and enhances performance by connecting, managing, and controlling device assets over the cloud platform.

Data Visualization

Dashboard driven visualization that offer graphical representation of in-depth data correlations for visualization models and predictive analytics framework.

Platform Engineering

Building of IoT Platform Services including Standard & Customized device management, customized Device-Data Policy Engines, API enablement & Management.


Data ingestion, aggregation towards value driven data engagement model, analysis & contextualization to forecast & simulate variables to identify patterns for actionable insights.

E2E Data Monitoring

In depth data monitoring at each stage of implementation and processing through Deep Learning and Machine Learning Algorithms.

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