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Remote Extension

A extension of your engineering team

Team Selection

You have a product that you have been doing most of the work for and have become very familiar with the necessary requirements. You are at the point where you need to hire additional engineers to help build, support, and maintain your product. However, finding a suitable team means committing to spending up to 50% of your time searching, screening, and interviewing potential hires. This can take several months and can often be expensive and time consuming to hire someone as committed to your product as you are.

We at TechSoutien make it easy for you by providing expert offshore coders, designers, and trainers that are selectively chosen for you so that you can focus on your business and avoid the hassles of managing an offshore team. You can have confidence in a team with established credibility to get the work done efficiently.


Once a team that meets your needs is finalized, you and your onsite team will be able to communicate with the remote engineers directly. The onsite team will clearly define and communicate the scope of the project and necessary requirements to the remote team.

Milestones are clearly defined for the stakeholders and a checklist is created to ensure that milestones are reached efficiently and in a time-sensitive manner.

In Flight

The remote engineering team will provide daily updates to the onsite team via scheduled phone calls or text messages. The remote team provides a deep-dive weekly update to the onsite team regarding performance and milestone achievement. In the process, any issues that arise will be identified and addressed promptly to ensure continued progress on your product.


After each milestone the remote team provides the updated technical document and code documentation to the onsite team. Once the project is complete, our team will give a detailed knowledge transfer to the onsite team members and gracefully exit the project.

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